John Rickard

John Rickard
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Mayor John Rickard was appointed as an Alderman in 2009, elected to serve as Acting Mayor in September 2018, and elected as Mayor in April of 2019 and 2021. John and Debby, his wife of 45 years, moved to Byron 19 years ago for his job as Executive Presbyter for the Presbytery of Blackhawk, a middle governing body in the Presbyterian Church. Byron’s commitment to education and the quality of life were contributing factors in his decision to locate here, and as a mayor, he strives to build on and improve that quality of life. Since being elected as an alderman, he has worked alongside others to upgrade the roads and improve the water and sewer systems. He is committed to getting the Byron Police Department fully staffed in order to place a Byron police officer as the SRO in the schools. Outside of the office, Mayor Rickard enjoys spending time with his four children and five grandchildren, and occasionally tries to fit in a round of golf. The mayor can be reached at jrickard [at], or by calling 815-978-8145 or 815-234-2762.